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Forgotten God

Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit 


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of the Bible

Each chapter in this book explores the story of someone in the Bible who was, in some way, incarcerated. 
This book is written specifically for people in prison and draws on the shared experiences of modern-day prisoners and prisoners in the biblical era. 
Every chapter includes prompts that readers can use for discussion or personal reflection, making it useful for either a group or for personal reading in prison. 

A Time
to Preach

Although this book isn’t written specifically for people who are in prison, it is a useful resource for any incarcerated reader who has an interest in preaching and ministry.
This book is part memoir/part instruction that can be relevant to preaching or other forms of leadership and public speaking in ministry.


Each chapter in this book considers a shared characteristic between visceral fat and visceral sin. This book challenges the reader to reflect deeply on his or her own behavior.

Each chapter’s study guide includes questions specifically for people who are incarcerated. The book also includes a grace-centered discussion about masturbation and Christian perspective.